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Unicorn Spit lubricant

Unicorn Spit lubricant

Good lube is hard to find. How often we’ve set out on that mythical quest to the drugstore, only to find that the well has run dry yet again – and it’s staying dry, too…

But not this time!

This time, you’ve found it! You’ve found Unicorn Spit, a water-based, donut-flavored lubricant. [What’s the deal with these flavored lubricants? If you can taste it, your saliva should get it wet. Who are these people with dry tongues? Are they okay? /seinfeld]

It may taste so sweet but your New Year’s Resolutions are safe because it’s sugar free. A favorite of pony-play aficionados everywhere, Unicorn Spit is made by Wet, whom you may recall as the manufacturer of Boink ‘n’ Oink, the bacon-flavored lube.

Best of all, it comes packaged in the cutest bottle, which makes whatever disgusting thing you’re going to do wth it seem… not so bad! That’s just good marketing is what that is.

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  1. […] I think I finally figured out why unicorns are so rare: Someone is capturing them and harnessing their saliva for lube! This unique Unicorn Spit lube savor just like donuts, which might be the most tasteful thing about this product. ($ 5.61, […]

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