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Janice in Accounting Mug

Janice in Accounting Mug

Of all the fucks in all the world, Janice in Accounting gives the least.

Like, if it’s possible for there to be a black hole of giving a fuck then that black hole exists in the form of a human named Janice, who works in the Accounting department.

Janice’s origin story is not currently known. Nobody can say much about where Janice was born or raised, whether she’s ever known love, what her favorite music or movies or TV shows are (if any) or, indeed, how she came to give so little of a fuck. All we know is that she does not give a fuck.

Oh, and we also know about this mug.

This mug isn’t Janice’s mug. If it was Janice’s mug, you would not want to be caught using it, because…

Yeah, yeah – you get it.

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