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9 Shades of Costanza Pillow

9 Shades of Costanza Pillow

The world has been infected by 50 Shades of You-Know-What but we found the cure: 9 Shades of Costanza!

Scenes of passion, romance, dominance and taboo – you’ll find none of that here.

George Costanza is the antidote to the modern fairy tale movie. As unrealistic as every larger-than-life love affair coming out of Hollywood is how realistic the character of George Costanza was.

Epically selfish and unlikeable, there’s pounds more George Costanza inside every one of us than there is ounces of Ryan Gosling. This pillow depicts nine scenes* from Costanza’s shit parade of a life and everyone could use it laying around their house as a reminder of human nature.

*They could have easily found 50 scenes but that pillow would have been massive. And if you don’t need a new pillow then check out the link anyway because they have this pattern on a wide variety of other products as well.

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