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Arthur Fist Sweatpants

Arthur Fist Sweatpants

When you didn’t want to spend any more money on clothes but that drunk shopping website just posted the dankest sweatpants of all time…

It’s the Arthur fist jogging pants!

Okay, if you have no idea what you’re looking at right now, please allow drunkMall to inform you that you have officially lost touch with the youth of today.

There’s no telling how it got started (or maybe there is but we don’t give enough of a fuck to find out) but a couple of months ago the Internet rediscovered that old cartoon Arthur. On Twitter especially, the memes were plentiful and they were dank. Oh, so dank. We saw the dankness. And it was good.

These sweats are a take on the most popular Arthur meme, depicting a deceptively cute fist clenched with rage in reaction to, well, anything that’s funny…

[There’s always more dankness to be found in drunkMall’s Magical Meme Marketplace!]

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