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Columbo Sweater

Columbo Sweater

Forget Sherlock Holmes. (Sorry, tumblr.)

Columbo is the greatest detective in fiction. Rather than walk around showing off a superhuman intellect and talent for deductive reason, right there for everyone to see, Columbo always kept it close to the vest. And then he’d spill a cup of coffee on the vest so his prime suspect would think Columbo was just a bumbling hack of gumshoe instead of, at worst, a savant.

In fact, Columbo is so unbelievably good at his job that nearly every single beginning of an episode shows us exactly who committed the murder and how they did it. The mystery is almost never “whodunnit” but “how is Columbo going to catch the person we already know is guilty?”

Netflix, people. Get into it.

After a few episodes, you should be stanning Columbo hard enough to know how awesome this sweater is and how much you need it.

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