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Millennial Falcon Mug

Millennial Falcon Mug

If Han Solo had been born in the year 1995, you know he’d be a fuckboy right now.

Hanging out in a brightly colored snapback with non-prescription eyeglasses, spending cash he earned smuggling counterfeit iPhones on $2 cans of Tecate with lime wedges he doesn’t use, smoking an American Spirit and talking about how much less organic the most recent album by The Strokes is compared to Is This It

Yeah, that guy is who a young Han Solo would be in the year 2016. The artist who captured this idea with the Millennial Falcon clearly understood this.

You can own one of these coffee mugs today. Or, since we found it on Society 6, the same design can be purchased on a number of other types of product – phone cases, gift cards, clocks, pillows…

Check out all your options through the link below!

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