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Sriracha Beanie

Sriracha Beanie

Fight the cold with sriracha this winter!

Wait, wait – don’t dump hot sauce on your head. Bad idea!

We’re just talking about this wicked branded beanie cap!

The weather gets cold and everyone has to hide under layers to stay warm. It buries all that hotness for months at a time.

Let everyone know you’re still fire with this winter hat!

In bright red and with a green pom on top (to resemble that signature green bottle top), there’s no mistaking that rooster sauce vibe.

Sriracha, it’s not just a hot sauce. It’s a way of life. Shit, it’s nearly a religion. Some people won’t eat a meal without sriracha. But you don’t have to be that crazy about it to rock this hat or any of the many sriracha swag products drunkMall has posted in the past!

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