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Bunny Peep Ring

Bunny Peep Ring

If you like it then you gotta put a ring on it and this ring is for everyone who likes Peeps.

Scratch that – this one’s for everyone who loves Peeps.

Nobody likes Peeps.

You either love Peeps or you hate Peeps because all Peeps are is marshmallow shaped like animals, coated in colored sugar crystals and with cute little faces drawn on there. Depending entirely on who you are as a person (no judgement), you either think that sounds disgusting or you think that sounds awesome.

This ring doesn’t have an actual Peep on it, by the way. It’s not edible. It just looks like a Peep. You know, so everyone knows what’s up as soon as they see the ring adorning your hand.

Fun fact: the makers of Peeps did a study and found out that 25% – 30% of their customers prefer stale Peeps to fresh Peeps. Again, this ring isĀ not edible. It’s a ring, not a super stale Peep.

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