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Paul Ryan – The UNOFFICIAL Magazine of Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan - The Magazine

Paul Ryan – The UNOFFICIAL Magazine of Paul Ryan is now accepting subscriptions!

Who was the last Speaker of the House who could speak with authority on what 12 foods you should eat to keep your abdominal muscles ripped?

John Boehner?

Hardly know her!

Okay, okay, hold up a second. Just in case there really is someone out there weirdly confused enough to want to subscribe to this magazine, it’s obviously satire. Make no mistake, you can still acquire the thing but it’s very much a joke. And you don’t need to rush to Mr. Ryan’s defense either because it’s just as much of a lampoon of the magazine industry (complete with fake ads for fake products) as it is of any political individual.

Taking on an entire industry with two barrels loaded full of saltpeter is obviously something that drunkMall fully endorses, so send off your dollars and get ready for some laughs!

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