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Water Landing Gear for Drones

Water Landing Gear for Drones

Give water landing capability to your quadcopter drone with some new landing gear!

The entire point of drones is essentially to serve as a miniature spy plane for private use. We figured out water landing gear for airplanes pretty heckin’ soon after we figured out airplanes, so it’s both surprising and a little disappointing that it’s taken until now for this to exist…

Okay but it’s here now so let’s not dwell on it.

You’ll have to click through the link to see if this gear is compatible with your drone but the concept isn’t that insane so you should be able to find one for your gadget as long as it’s a decent model. They’re basically just added legs with floating feet on the end of them so you can use your drone in marshy areas or near still water without worrying too much about landing zones.

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