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36 Bags of Pretzels

36 Bags of Pretzels

Beer and pretzels are a match made in heaven.

There’s no pain like the pain that comes from getting back home after a night out on the town and realizing two critical facts: you’re hungry and there’s nothing to eat in the house.

People, this is really basic stuff but some of you just have a hard time following through on knowledge you’ve already acquired.

Always. Have. Snacks.

In other words…

Never. Have. No. Snacks.

That’s one of the most important rules to live by and you should know by know that we’re living in an age that makes it easier than ever to keep a strong supply of delicious snacking materials on hand.

Right here, we’ve got a bulk order of pretzels just waiting for your payment information. It’s a variety pack from Snyder’s, so we’re talking high quality stuff, here.

Hit it up!

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