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Fact Book for Bathroom

Fact Book for Bathroom

Anyone who doesn’t have an immediately interesting book in their bathroom wasn’t raised properly.

It’s true.

You get a half a generation deep into the existence of smartphones and everyone forgets what it’s like to take a shit without the entire Internet and social media in their pocket.

What if you forgot to charge up? What if you have houseguests?

Part of living in civilized society is having a book in your bathroom. That’s all there is to it.

It can’t be just any old book, either. If you’re a person who bought some random old book that looks fancy and put it in your bathroom without even look at what it is, you’re a dick.

This is a book stuffed full of over a thousand facts that are all awesome to know! When was the last time you picked up a book that immediately grabs your attention like that? Probably never.

Oh you didn’t like that fact you just spent 0.4 seconds reading? Maybe you’ll like one of the other over on thousand facts in the book!

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