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Back to the Future Monopoly

Back to the Future Monopoly

Playing any game of Monopoly is pretty much taking a trip back in time already, so it makes perfect sense that there’s an official Back to the Future version of the classic board game!

Check this out, though. It’s not just based on the first Back to the Future movie… This game is for the entire trilogy! So if you’ve ever wanted to play a game of Monopoly that travels through time from the years 1985 to 1885 to 2015 to 1955 and back and back and back? This is the game for you!

You thought games of Monopoly lasted a long time before? You know nothing, Doc Brown.

The game board’s real estate has been changed to key locations from the trilogy, of course, and the game pieces include a hoverboard, the Hill Valley clock, a cowboy hat and the DeLorean, too, baby!

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