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Tickets to Warped Tour 2016

Tickets to Warped Tour 2016

Warped Tour!

Two little words that mean many different things to many different people…

Most importantly, Warped Tour is an all-ages concert festival. If it’s been a while since you were under 18, it’s possible that you’ve forgotten how miserable it is to miss out on every show that comes through your town just because you haven’t been alive long enough to be allowed through the gate. It’s a fucking bummer but every year, once a year, Warped Tour is there for you.

And it’s been there for you since 1995! That’s right – if Warped Tour was a person, it would be old enough to drink this year. So you’ll also find a lot of adults at the concert, reliving the fast and loose days of their own youth. You’ll even find punk dads and metalhead moms inducting their own offspring (pun intended) to the tribe.

Find them in the field at Warped Tour 2016, watching Sleeping with Sirens, 3Oh!3, Sum 41, Good Charlotte, Less Than Jake, Every Time I Die, Waka Flocka Flame, Yellowcard, Bullet for My Valentine, The Sumer Set, Falling in Reverse, Atreyu and a ton of other bands we’ve never heard of because we’re old and out of touch. (Feel free to tell us who’s cool in the comments below.


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