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Romantic Cookbook for Men

Romantic Cookbook for Men

Dudes who can’t cook at all need to get it together.

Do you look like Leonardo DiCaprio? Are you as rich as Bruce Wayne? Have you dedicated a year of your life to rescuing small kittens from the mouths of third-world volcanos?

These are things that are sexually attractive to other people. Without these things, one must find other ways to become attractive to others. Cooking well is a major asset in this department. To be able to fill a kitchen with pleasant aromas and serve a flavorful dish to back it up sends the message that you understand, appreciate and can deliver pleasant sensory experiences. Get it?

Written for the straight male (of course), The Sexy Romance Cookbook for Men has recipes to help any clueless man find his way in the kitchen.

Did we mention that it’s written by Slayer’s ex-manager? It is.

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