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Solar Powered Phone Charger

Solar Powered Phone Charger

Charge your mobile device on the go in a plane, train or automobile – anything with windows in the daytime!

Let everyone else fight over the car lighter plug or that much needed wall outlet. Find a comfortable seat by a window and relax while you get charged up!

This gadget takes energy from the Sun and converts that into precious battery power to keep your phone (and your social life) up and running smoothly!

Just take the little suction cup part, attach that to a window pane and the solar panels begin charging the battery in the unit. Then you can hook that up to your phone or tablet (like a regular charger) and charge up the device!

This is a pretty new product, so before you order, be sure you check out the reviews and see if any of the apparent kinks in the design will be a problem for you,

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