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Real Pizza Throwing Stars

Real Pizza Throwing Stars

However pizza became linked with ninja culture – it was the turtles, right? – we’re glad it happened because otherwise we’d have to live in a world without throwing stars made from real slices of pizza!

You’re probably thinking that these must be some giant throwing stars if those are real pieces of pizza inside.

Nah, see.

The artist who created these things comes from a family who owns a pizzeria in Maine and that pizzeria only does one size of pie, a personal 10″ pizza. Okay, so, yeah – these are bigger than traditional throwing stars but they’re also made of solid chunks of resin instead of razor-sharp metal, so…

You wouldn’t want to be throwing these around anyway. They’re best just left in a public place to be admired. Like the world’s very first pizza museum in Philadelphia, Pizza Brain, which is where these pizza stars are currently on display!

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