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Fish n Chips Car Emblem

Fish n Chips Car Emblem

So the Jesus fish doesn’t really speak to who you are as a person.

Even the Darwin “fish” doesn’t quite get it right…

Maybe you’re more of a fish ‘n’ chips type person?

Well that’s just great and you certainly aren’t alone!

Broadcast to the cars behind you in traffic that following you is far more likely to lead to the fisherman’s wharf and a wonderful meal served on newspaper than a church or some kind of science seminar.

The emblem is built to the standards of any other type of car emblem you’ll find elsewhere. Which, the things aren’t hard to make so you really have no reason to worry about that. It’s easy to install and you’ll surely be asked where you got it for years to come.

Tell ’em to go shopping at drunkMall!

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