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No One Cares Fashionista Shirt

No One Cares Fashionista Shirt

If you think all those très chic parfums smell like cat piss and would rather literally use them as toilet water than spray them on your body, hey, we found your new favorite shirt.

Parodying a super famous brand logo that we probably shouldn’t identify here, this shirt is cut in an ironically stylish yet comfortable O ring fit. You can look good in comfortable clothing while letting everyone see that you don’t think it’s that big of a deal at all!

Where you’d expect to see a familiar perfume name on the front of the shirt, it reads “No ONE CARES” in that same, unmistakeable font. Just a heads up that you’ll probably be banned for life from any major fashion shows if photos of you wearing this pop up on Instagram so make sure you’re about this life before you rock this shirt!

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