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Awesome Frisbee Game

Awesome Frisbee Game

While it’s not in drunkMall’s best interests to have you doing anything except using an Internet-connected device to look at the things we post on this site and then buy those things, the fact is that you will eventually want to do other things, including things that happen outdoors and with other people.

Yeah, it’s dumb but also a pretty huge part of maintaining a healthy human body. (Apparently.)

So with all the pleasant weather headed your way, here’s a cool and casual game that you can play with some friends!

It’s called Kan Jam and you can jam a ton of fun into your day when you play it! (Get it?)

The game set comes with two collapsible cylinders (think, like, a small trash can) and you score points based on where/how you manage to connect your disc throw with the can!

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