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Trebuchet Kit

Trebuchet Kit

It’s never been easier to build a trebuchet for use at home or in the office!

You know what trebuchets are. The catapult things you see in every movie that involves a battle in or around castles of any kind. You can’t stage a proper castle storming without a good trebuchet, everybody knows that!

Yeah, it’s easy to get distracted by thinking about trebuchets. Maybe it’s a better idea to put that energy towards building a real trebuchet for yourself!

Don’t worry, it’s small.

Even when fully assembled, the trebuchet in this kit stands under two feet tall yet still functions as a real trebuchet!

The box has everything you need to assemble the device, even the glue. You won’t need any other tools. They’ve also included some targets for you to have something to aim the ball ammo.

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