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Bacon Tie

Bacon Tie

This tie is pork-tacular!

Get your one-liners ready because this bacon tie is a one way ticket to Dad-town and all return flights have been cancelled!

The bacon on this tie looks so real, you may be surprised when it doesn’t come out of the box smelling like salt-cured, hickory-smoked meat. While it (unfortunately) does not smell like bacon, the bacon tie does come in a package that’s made to resemble a pack of store-bought bacon, making an already great gift that much more fun to receive!

Don’t you worry about the quality of that tie, either. This is a real tie. It’s not some cheap novelty product. Treated properly, this tie will┬ábe around for many family reunions, company retreats and funeral to come! Okay, maybe don’t wear it to a funeral. Unless it’s a funeral for the CEO of a pork company or something, then that’s probably acceptable.

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