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Spock Koozie

Spock Koozie

Set phasers to fun!

Sitting around the house, strolling around your favorite convention, even cruising at warp speed through the final frontiers of space – enjoy your favorite adult or non-adult canned beverages in stylish koozie paying tribute to Mr. Spock of the USS Enterprise.

Keep your hand warmer and your drink colder with the best can holder technology in this entire solar system – it’s the logical choice!

Live long and prosper, Star Trek fans! And do so with a drink in your hand!

These koozies are officially licensed and there’s also a Capt. Kirk model available at the link below. We chose to feature the Spock version here for the simple reason that Mr. Spock is obviously better than Capt. Kirk in just about every way and if you disagree then you are wrong and deserve to have 20 tribbles shoved up your cargo bay.

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