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Combination Wine Lock

Combination Wine Lock

Keep your best vintages under lock (with no key) using these stainless steel combination locks designed to keep that cork in the bottle until the person with the secret code comes along!

This isn’t only for the wine snobs with rare, expensive bottles you want to protect. It’s also a lot of fun to give someone a bottle of wine that’s locked up tight and the only way they can get it open is to crack a code or solve a riddle you give them at the same time! Enjoy watching them struggle to get it open…

We’ve posted a similar contraption before. Honestly, if you’re doing the whole “give someone a locked bottle of wine” thing, the one we posted before is probably better for that. The great thing about these is that the lock just goes over the top of the bottle near the cork, meaning you can still store the bottle in a typical wine rack.

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