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Sunscreen Bottle Flasks

Sunscreen Bottle Flasks

Keep it fun in the sun!

Disguised as “Tropic Tan” sunscreen bottles, these are actually flasks made from food safe plastic. So even if that outdoor party spot allows drinking, these flasks will make it past any “no glass” rules that may be posted. Also, since they’re cool and fun to own, it’s less likely that they’ll be left behind as litter when the party is over. That’s just a conscientious good time!

Don’t forget that it’s critically important to actually wear real sunscreen while spending a day outside, especially if drinking because you could be having such a good time (with dulled senses) that you don’t even realize you’re getting burned by the sun.

Make sure someone in the crew brings real sunscreen! Also make sure not to confuse the bottles because sunscreen does NOT taste as good as it smells…

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