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Sarcastic Coffee Mug #58208537

Sarcastic Coffee Mug #58208537

Sarcastic coffee mugs are essentially a status symbol for everyone who works in an office with other people.

You get a good mug. Somebody else gets a better mug. You gotta go get a mug that’s even better than their mug. This is how it’s done.

Honestly, we could delete the entire drunkMall site right now and start over from scratch only posting funny coffee mugs and be back in business within a month. Don’t worry – we aren’t gonna do that because it would be like living in an actual Dilbert comic strip a.k.a. hell – but still. We could.

Depending upon where you are in your sarcastic coffee mug career, this could be just the one you need. At first glance, it doesn’t look sarcastic at all. It actually looks like the kind of coffee mug a substitute principal would have or some shit: HAVE A NICE DAY

But when the owner takes a deep drink of the mug’s contents, a middle finger is revealed…

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