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Comfort Eating with Nick Cave

Comfort Eating with Nick Cave

Whatever the cross-section of vegans and Nick Cave fans is, this cookbook is bound to be a smash hit with them!

It may seem stranger than kindness but who wouldn’t want to travel from her to eternity with recipes for food better than what they serve in O’Malley’s Bar? No need to hunt down any tender prey, Jangling Jack, as these recipes are all vegan. So if anyone ends up with a red right hand from cooking up the dishes in these pages, well, they must have spilled some ketchup or tomato sauce.

This awesome, illustrated cookbook is currently on Kickstarter, along with a version featuring Morrissey. If you know anything about Morrissey, then you know that there’s no way this Kickstarter could possibly be anything but a great success.

What are you waiting on, a love letter? Go get this book!

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