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Hard Partying Panda Shirt

Hard Partying Panda Shirt

Maybe pandas were so close to going extinct because they just party too hard.

Even after humans took an interest in keeping their species thriving, the actual panda bears themselves didn’t seem to care that much about making more panda babies. Maybe the zookeepers wouldn’t have had so much trouble with breeding time if they spruced up those living habitats with club lights and served lean to the panda bears like it was a party!

At least the panda on this t-shirt seems like he would be into it.

Riot Society’s design shows a cool, sunglasses-wearing panda bear expelling cosmic fluid from his mouth holeĀ and his butthole, which is the hardest we’ve ever seen a panda bear party, for sure.

And, no, we don’t know what the fuck is in that cup or where you can get some of it. Ask Twitter.

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