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Heart Frame Sunglasses

Heart Frame Sunglasses

Stay trippy, maaaaan!

Major late ’60s early ’70s vibes from these heart frame shades. You can imagine a black and white photo of someone’s grandma looking like a total babe in her early 20’s, flashing a toothsome smile and giving a lazy peace sign while wearing these sunglasses to hide suspiciously glazed eyes….

Or more recently they look like the glasses worn by Darlene on Mr. Robot.

Anyway, they’re cute and you can get the lenses in a few different tints, so be sure to hit up the link to check out your options. We found them on Amazon, too, so the price is right but you’ll need to hunt around for a nice grinder or something if you want that free shipping and aren’t already subscribed to Prime, which you should be because duh…

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