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Martini/Wine Glasses

Martini/Wine Glasses

Here are some glasses you can own to trick people into thinking you’re more grown up and sophisticated than you really are!

First of all, let’s be real: these are wine glasses.

Yeah, you can absolutely flip the thing over and it’ll be shaped just like a martini glass. But if you’re the kind of person browsing a drunk shopping website at 1am right now, we all know you aren’t stirring up martinis at home. (Yes, stirring. James Bond orders his martinis like an asshole. Deal with it.)

Make no mistake, when you’re drinking wine out of these glasses you should for sure mention that they can be flipped over to serve as martini glasses!

Everyone will make “mmm” and “aaahhh” sounds. It’ll be great!

As wine glasses, the upside-down martini glass on the bottom makes for a wider base with a lower center of gravity than the usual wine glass, which THEORETICALLY could mean this won’t be as easy to knock over!

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