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Fabulous Puppy Wig

Fabulous Puppy Wig

No, it’s not the latest Lady Gaga fashion shoot… (Yeah, yeah. We’re terrible people.)

It’s a glamorous wig for your puppy dog pals!

Shown here is a delicious number we’re calling The Late ’90s Christina Aguilera/Gwen Stefani but there are several other options and one of them is sure to be the perfect match for your next glammed out doggy photo shoot.

The wig secures comfortably beneath the chin with two elastic straps. Most dogs probably still won’t be into this at all. Then again, if you’re the kind of person who likes to dress your dog up to take pictures that will get you attention on Instagram and Reddit, then your dog’s sense of pride has likely been erased long ago. Congratulations on taming a wild beast.

But seriously, folks, if you buy a puppy dog wig be sure to tag us in any Instagram or Facebook posts! We’re @drunkMall on all social media.

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