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Package Pouches

Package Pouches

It’s not a proper present unless it’s been gift wrapped, fellas.

Remember that.

You can put in the work on those ab muscles, manscape* the mainstage for curtain call and plan the reveal down to the smallest details – but in the end it’s just not a gift without the packaging!

These are the perfect package for your, uh, package. With a contoured design for the frank and both beans, it covers all your bases for those special occasions.

It also comes in a 7 pack, so you won’t be in that situation that happens when you buy a roll of wrapping paper and every gift you give for the next 5 years comes with that same paper on it.

*Never forget the wise words of Dave Attell when it comes to trimming the pubes. If you’ve got body hair around the dick and balls, shaving only the dick and balls makes it look like a trash fire broke out in your crotch. Expand the grooming radius.

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