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Darth Vader Molded Backpack

Darth Vader Molded Backpack

“I find your lack of Star Wars merchandise disturbing…”

Seriously, did anyone notice how pedal-to-the-metal they went with licensing Star Wars out for consumer merchandise for this last movie?

Some people were acting like it’s always been that way with the franchise.

Uh, no the fuck it hasn’t.

There were bags of Star Wars oranges in the grocery store, y’all. Think about that. Do oranges even exist in that galaxy? What’s going on?

Anyway, this backpack is actually badass and makes a lot of sense for Star Wars merch because, unlike a bag of oranges, it turns out that black backpacks are kind of in the shape of Darth Vader’s helmet. And when they’re made with a 3D molded shell then they look exactly like Darth Vader’s helmet, which is cool.

Unfortunately, “the force” is not an acceptable method of payment on Earth, so you’ll need to get out your credit card to own this bad boy.

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