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Micro-Elliptical Machine

Micro-Elliptical Machine

First thing to go out the window when you go on a trip is whatever your idea of healthy eating is. Or at least your strength in sticking to eating within those boundaries.

The least you could do for yourself is try to make it up by getting a workout in even when on the go.

This is essentially a very small elliptical machine, highly portable, using exercise bands in place of larger pieces made of material that can’t pack down into a suitcase, as this can.

You should be able to set this up in any typical hotel room, so you don’t even have to worry about accidentally jogging into a bad neighborhood or hoping nobody else comes into the cramped hotel gym room (if there even is one).

Stay in one of those places with full length mirrors on the closet door because you’ll be wanting to check the progress on your butt!

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