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Have you ever heard the phrase, “[person] always had a Bible in one hand and a bottle in the other”?

Yeah, well, what about people who only have one hand? (Yeah, maybe you should try thinking before you say something so ableist, buddy. We’ve been hanging out on this new website called tumblr dot com lately and it has been very eye-opening. We’re on a new journey to self discovery through dank Bernie Sanders memes, Spongebob Squarepants screenshots and hardcore porn GIFs.)

This isn’t a “real” Bible, so your Grandma can stop freaking out right now. (You shouldn’t let your Grandma be on drunkMall anyway.) The cutout for the flask is in real pages but they’re all blank and definitely not filled with the word of God, unless you consider a flask full of booze to be the word of God, which we do, so praise be! Praise be!

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