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DJ Kitty Cat Turntable Scratcher

DJ Kitty Cat Turntable Scratcher

Do you have any idea how much money DJs are making these days?

Can you imagine how much money a cat DJ would make?!

Set your feline friend up with this turntable scratch pad and she’ll be cuttin’ up the ones and twos in no time! You’ve gotta start ’em young, though. Once these cats reach a certain age they start to lose touch with the new genres and getting all snobby about how the old stuff was better. You can’t make any money with a cat like that.

Seriously, though. If you dropped some coin on a super swank memory foam beanbag, the last thing you want is for your little fur baby to scratch it up. Now, we’re not saying presenting this as an alternate option is going to save your furniture from cat paws because, much like Janice in accounting, cat’s don’t give a fuck. But, hey, there’s a chance it could work….

I’m. The. Cat of ROCK! There is none HIGHER! Sucka kitties. Should call me SIRE!

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