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Light Socket Phone Charger

Light Socket Phone Charger

For everyone who’s ever had to make the difficult decision of whether they should stand in the dark and charge their phone or enjoy a well-lit room while their battery life quickly diminishes, we’d like to usher you into the modern age with this gadget.

Anywhere you’d screw in a regular light bulb, just unscrew that bulb, screw in this attachment and you just created an extra phone charger in the house!

Bonus: you can screw the bulb back into the attachment, still charge your phone and, you know, be able to see the room by electric light like you live in a first world country and everything.

Bonus Bonus: if you can manage to keep your mouth shut about this awesome upgrade to your lamp then you’ll always have a secret place to charge your phone while everyone else is vying for the regular outlets!

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