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Edison Bulb Lamps

Edison Bulb Lamps

There’s nothing like a visit to the local trendy coffee house or whiskey bar to make your own home feel entirely without character and inadequate as a place for cool, cultured people to congregate.

Everything’s all nice smelling and made out of wood. How can you compete with that?

In a word, Edison bulbs.

Yes, “Edison bulb” is pretty much a catch-all term for any light bulb that looks old-timey. The exact opposite of those new energy efficient LEDs with a five million hour life span – but this isn’t about pinching pennies! It’s about looking cool, damn it!

Now these minimal wood lamps are made to feature various styles of Edison bulb and they come from Amazon so you can choose to have yours shipped with one of two Edison bulb styles or you can order one with no bulb and use your own!

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