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Coaster Cactus

Coaster Cactus

It’s a cactus made out of coasters!

When you need a coaster, all you gotta do is take one off the cactus!

Let’s recap.

It’s better than a real cactus because it’s not covered in painful spikes and you can’t use a real cactus to keep hot or cold beverages from leaving rings or dripping condensation all over a table.

Next, having a coaster cactus is better than just having some random coasters because random coasters are way too easy to lose. It’s like there’s never one around when you need one. With the coaster cactus, you know right where to find a coaster because it’s fun to put them back where they belong after using them!

“I’m done with my coaster. Can I put it back on the cactus now?”

‘Why, yes! You can do that, friend or family member being used as an example to sell this product!’

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