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Bacon Bandages

Bacon Bandages

The healing properties of bacon are, uh, non-existent, as far as we know.

Still, that didn’t keep anyone from inventing bacon bandages!

Made to the same specifications and standards of other consumer grade adhesive bandages, bacon bandages do the same job on minor cuts and scrapes – all while looking like delicious bacon! It’s a perfect gift for that accident prone pork lover!

Also, nobody ever said you have to actually sustain an injury to wear a bacon bandage. If you want to wear one just because you like the way they look, who’s gonna know? Go to any hipster coffeeshop and look at how many people are wearing eyeglasses. You think all those pairs of eyeglasses have prescription lenses in them? They don’t.

Bacon bandages – they’re meat-tastic!

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