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One Gallon Flask

One Gallon Flask

That’s a huge flask!

The point of most flasks is to have a convenient and discreet method of carrying liquid, usually booze, on one’s person. That is so not the point this time, folks!

Well over a foot tall and weighing approximately 2.5 pounds while empty, Andre the Giant(R.I.P.) is the only person we can imagine calling this discreet or convenient. It can hold a gallon of whiskey! That’s like if you poured out a gallon of milk and filled it back up with whiskey! That’s a lot of whiskey!

Even if you did somehow manage to sneak this into a concert or ball game, good luck getting any use out of it without security spotting you. Maybe if you had a super long straw or something?

This is probably great for camping or weekend music festivals, though. The flat shape makes it easy to slide in amongst other luggage and it isn’t made out of glass, which a lot of fests have rules against.

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