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Instant Douchebag Costume

Instant Douchebag Costume

Chances are you’re reading this after one of your friends got sick of you texting them to ask what you should be for the costume party this year.

They sent you this link and now you’re thinking two things:

1 – Wait, are they calling me a douchebag? Do they think I’m a douchebag? Am I a douchebag?

2 – That is a dope-ass costume idea, though. I don’t have to buy anything else. No stupid makeup. Oh, wow, I won’t even have to worry about my hair because that visor hat has a frosted tips wig inside it! That hat plus my regular clothes is all it takes for a solid douchebag costume. Alternately, I could grab some baggy jeans, a Dragonfly shirt and chain wallet for a sick Guy Fieri costume. Bonus: swing through the Arby’s drive-thru and get some Arby-Q sauce crusted up on the corners of my mouth to really seal the look…

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