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Monty Python Watch

Monty Python Watch

At this point, it looks like The Ministry of Silly Walks may find work in the current administration any day now…

Whether or not that ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT comedy sketch from Monty Python becomes a reality in modern American politics, it has already been made into a wristwatch that may cause anyone wearing it to check the time far more often than they normally would.

See, the thing about this watch is that it doesn’t have arms.

It has legs.

Very, very silly legs!

In place of the hour and minute arms, this watch has a bent leg and a straight leg, respectively, belonging to the static upper body of a very respectful looking man in a bowler hat. Along with a second hand in the form of a cane, the resulting effect is that of a man walking in quite a silly fashion, which brings us back to the beginning.

Funny how some things are cyclical that way, huh?

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