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Wasabi Candy Canes

Wasabi Candy Canes

You may be thinking, “But, drunkMall, it’s nowhere near Christmas! Nobody wants to buy candy canes in the middle of May!”

Oh, yeah? Well, news flash, suckers – these aren’t your average candy canes!

Anyone with adventurous tastebuds knows all about wasabi. It’s that dab of intense green paste served with sushi. You might not really call it “spicy” because there isn’t any heat involved but if you grab too big a piece it’ll punch you right in the sinuses. (Maybe wasabi is Japanese for “atomic horseradish”? Who knows.)

These green candy canes are wasabi flavored candy canes! Many people use these to play practical jokes (and you could totally do that) but if you like unique snacks and candy then these may be more of a treat than a trick to you. And, bonus, if anyone tries to sneakily steal one, they probably won’t ever steal something from you again!

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