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Breakup Survival Coloring Book

Breakup Survival Coloring Book

Whatever gets you through a breakup, that’s what it takes.

Maybe it’s pizza delivery, a FRIENDS marathon and gluten free vegan ice cream. (It doesn’t have to make sense.)

Sometimes you need someone who cares about you to come over and take your phone away so you don’t make crazy phone calls.

It could even take signing up for Tinder just to get the self-confidence boost from matches. (Probably don’t do this one though. Humans are garbage.)

But also, maybe all you need to do is just get some crayons and color a bit.

It passed the time when you were a kid and it can work again if you give it a chance!

Have a Nice Life, Asshole is a coloring book full of swear words and a subtle push towards happiness that distracts you with idle coloring while suggesting things will be better for you in the long run!

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