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Repurposed Skateboard Guitar Picks

Repurposed Skateboard Guitar Picks

Let that skateboard deck wood shred on in a second life by being reincarnated into these crafty guitar picks!

The life of a skate deck is rough, folks. It’s not all the glitz and glamour you see when watching The X Games. Those decks are the lucky ones who make it to the big time. If you really want to get a good idea of the plight of an average deck then you have to see some of these jaw-dropping exposé documentaries on YouTube. We’re talking some nasty abuse, here. It’s not right what happens to this poor wood.

Thankfully, someone came along and found a way to give these poor babies a second lease on life. These fortunate skate decks are “rescued” and repurposed into a second life where they can help bring beautiful music to life!

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