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Portable Guitar Amp Attachment

Portable Guitar Amp Attachment

Rock out whenever and wherever the urge strikes you with a small but powerful guitar amp attachment!

Practice amps come in many sizes and even novelty designs but JamStack is the first one that’s made to attach directly to the guitar! The amplifier unit contains a 10 watt amp (complete with power/volume control and headphone jack) as well as the rechargeable battery pack that can last up to 8 hours on a single charge. That’s a full day at the shredding office!

You’re probably reading this and thinking, “Okay, rad. It’s a small amp that can be fully mobile while in use. Why is there a smartphone attached to it?”

That’s the bonus part!

If you want to add a smartphone (or iPod touch) into the signal path then you can jam along with backing tracks (or popular songs available on streaming services), create loops and choose effects!

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