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Everything Is Bullshit book

Everything Is Bullshit bookHappy Singles Awareness Day, everybody!

Everything Is Bullshit wraps up our S.A.D. Countdown for 2015 because a lot of the “traditions” of being in a relationship are 100% ridiculous, downright cruel, even.

Did you see Blood Diamond? Watch Blood Diamond if you want to get just a little bit of an idea for how insane it is that diamond engagement rings are considered an essential part of taking a relationship from casual to serious (to life-threatening).

That’s just one example of the ruses that are overturned in this book from the minds behind the stupendous blog, Pricenomics. Other scams to have light shed on them include overpriced wine, expensive art, taxi medallions, non-profit entities and on and on.

Strap in, read up and stay woke, S.A.D. fam!

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