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Period Leggings

Period Leggings

These aren’t “period leggings” in the sense that they’re specially designed to make a woman’s period more comfortable or manageable in any way.

They’re just leggings. Like, they’re nice leggings. Totally great quality fabric and print and everything.

It’s just that the flower design, for some reason, makes it look a lot like the crotch of these otherwise white and pastel blue pants are saturated with dark red menstrual blood. Kind of a subtle, visual innuendo-type thing.

Now, if there’s one potentially useful thing about periods, it’s that they seem to make some men very uncomfortable. So these leggings could be thought of as the female version of a power tie. On a subconscious level, it’s totally possible that planting the idea of a confident woman flaunting her bloody nether regions could be enough to get the edge in that meeting.

Or you could give them as a present to some clueless frenemy.

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