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LED Eyelashes

LED Eyelashes

This is the future that’s coming our way.

Lighted eyelash attachments are the latest high-tech facial accessory and it’s easy to see why.

The effect is head turner, for sure.

Discreet wiring and a headset that looks no more unusual than a small pair of headphones achieve the result of two LED strings appearing in arcs underneath the eyes. As cool as it seems in the photo, there’s just no explaining what it’s like to be walking down the street and come across a person with colored lights seeming to shine right out of their eyes.

Very, neo-tokyo cyborg-y or something…

Like Blade Runner-meets-fashion magazine?

However you’d describe it, this futuristic look is only a sign of things to come. There’s a brave new world of electronic body enhancements out there and it’s getting closer every day…

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